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Discover Nutrition

by Design

with Food of Zeus  

Conquer your wellness goals with seasonal, locally sourced cooking from a mighty little kitchen in Harrogate. Join us to transform your body and heal your health with totally divine made-for-you meal plans, delivered fresh to your door.



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Experience a body-mind transformation with a bespoke meal plan membership that works around your health needs. 


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No more bingeing, fasting, feasting or yo-yoing. Redefine your relationship with food through deliciously healthful meal plans.

Look better and feel better doing it. Our life-transforming plans will boost your energy, mood and long-term health.

 Zero-waste, guilt-free, planet-conscious food and packaging. Help us change the world, one mindful meal at a time.  

Pick Your Perfect Plan

Healthy Breakfast Delivery



Take the first step towards a mind and body makeover by letting us take care of the most important meal of the day. Replenish your energy post workout the right way, with a nutrition-packed breakfasts. 

Available at selected gyms


Healthy Dinner Delivery


Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snack

If your gut health, physical stamina and mental strength are your priority, then you need Revive. A sustainable, lifestyle that covers nutritious meals, three days a week. Witness the results of Revive in your skin, sleep, weight, and mood! 


4-weeks for £336

Healthy Dinner Delivery


Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snack 

Never stress about what to eat again. Thrive is designed with your long-term health needs in mind. Totally transform your relationship with food, and  banish habitual snacking, and uncontrollable sugar cravings. 


4-weeks for £560

How it Works


Delicious is in the Details

Let’s talk health goals! Book a consultation and tell us your preferences, allergies, exercise routine and food history. We customise our set menus for you. 

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Get Mighty, Revive or Thrive

Select a meal plan and duration that fits your goals, and let us design your nutritional needs for you.

Doorstep Delivery


Ready to heat and eat in five minutes. No mess, no stress, just good food made and delivered to you.


All The Bodies & Minds We've Transformed

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"I heartily recommend the approach Katie takes & only wish I had started living like this years ago!"

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"Katie's food is not only perfectly nutritionally balanced, but it is absolutely delicious too! It's a daily treat to consume her meals!! I feel the best I've ever felt on the FOZ meal plan"

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"It just gets better & better this is not a diet but a lifestyle"

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Book a commitment-free, 30-minute consultation, and let's talk about how Food of Zeus can support your body-mind makeover.

I'm Ready To Zap My Wellness Goals⚡ 

Food Of Zeus Founder / Owner

"I launched Food of Zeus out of a desperate desire to help people develop a healthy and fun relationship with food."


Katie x

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Want to discover a healthier you?

If you want to know what a Food of Zeus meal plan could look like for you, drop us a message. 

Thanks for submitting!

I will be in touch with you shortly.

Katie x

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