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  • What is a Food of Zeus Meal Plan?
    We're a consultative, 100% made-for-you meal preparation company that prioritises using seasonal local ingredients to cook delicious dishes from scratch, and deliver them direct to your door. By providing you with a tantalising variety of healthful but delicious food, you get an abundance of body-nurturing nutrients that will transform your relationship with food, and restore your health to the best it's ever been!
  • Is it only for weight loss/will I lose weight?
    We want you to be the happiest, healthiest version of yourself. We want you to have plenty of energy throughout the day - no afternoon slumps, brain fog, or struggles to peel yourself off the sofa for a daily workout! By providing nutrient dense food, we aim to reduce customers' cravings and a by product of this, can be weight loss. 99% of our customers lose weight on our plans. An active lifestyle goes hand in hand with continued weight loss, and to achieve the full impact of a meal prep lifestyle, you need to move.
  • Do you deliver?
    Yes! To the local area of Harrogate. Meal deliveries take place Monday + Thursday mornings between 5-6am.
  • Do I have to cook anything?
    No, everything is done for you. All dishes are beautifully packaged and delivered with re-heat instructions.
  • Do I choose my food?
    Every week we tailor a bespoke menu for you. We include your food preferences, and any allergies you may have in the menu selection. The menu changes weekly so that we can offer the maximum variety and use the freshest seasonal ingredients.
  • I'm a vegetarian, can I be on a Food Of Zeus meal plan?"
    Of course you can, all plans can be made vegetarian.
  • Can I pause a plan?
    Plans are a minimum of 4 weeks long, and if you're on the 5-day Thrive plan, you can pause your lifestyle with 1-week prior notice. All other plans cannot be paused, but most dishes can be frozen on delivery day if you can't eat them that week.
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