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When I was younger, I thought you had to choose yummy food with no health benefits, or healthy food that was no fun at all. This lead to years of either; i) enjoying food and weight gain, or ii) bland food and being a "healthy" weight. 


Then when working at an accountancy firm whilst also getting qualified to be a Chartered Accountant, a lack of time meant that I saw that these two options were the only on offer, i) bland + healthy or ii) tasty + calorie packed!


I saw first hand how NOT prioritising your health was leading to a vast array of health issues for me and my colleagues, ranging from weight gain, lack of energy, sleep problems, burn out, confidence issues, unable to shake bugs off to more serious conditions. 


I launched Food of Zeus out of a desperate desire to help people develop a healthy and fun relationship with food. I was tired of seeing friends and family fall for fad diets and deceptive quick-fixes that put them on a miserable emotional rollercoaster of feast and famine. 


I know with fresh local ingredients, nifty cooking techniques, and proper menu planning YOU can have yummy food AND feel great.

Food of Zeus is built on the simple belief in healthy, happy living. We provide flavourful, nutritiously designed meals with no nasties, and we never use the d-word.

In Greek mythology, Zeus is the main event, god of gods. The very best in heavenly energy! I named my business after him because we're the best of the best when it comes to food, and you couldn't find a better namesake for the fresh energy we bring into our client's lives. 

And so, Food of Zeus was born the food of the gods. 

Katie x

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