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Hi, I am Katie and I am a HUGE audio book fan.... I love them and after listening to another book which told me you need to document your journey, I thought why not?

So let's take it to the beginning, well technically the name wasn't actually thought of at the beginning of my journey, because I struggled so much to think of it. But for the story's sake I think it's the best place to start.

When it came to thinking of the name I was very much torn, do I go with something safe and sensible or do I push the boat out?! I felt massively ill equipped to do this task, I thought you needed some major marketing or branding experience, to think of a good name. So I reached out to a couple of companies for help. After they all came back with predicted costs that even if I sold all my worldly possessions, I wouldn't be able to cover, I thought I am just going to have to give this a try myself.

At the time I was listening to "Shoe Dog" by Phil Knight (the story behind Nike) and I was trawling the internet, pinterest and instagram for inspiration. I was always drawn to the companies who had thought outside of the box for their name, eg. "The Dog Pound" for a gym in the US I think is genius.

So that quickly settled it, I wasn't going to go down the cookie cut safe route and I parked my ideas such as Nutribake or Healthy Treats. The brainstorming continued, with Phil in the background explaining, the name Nike, comes from the Greek goddess for Victory, I liked that idea. Also ever since I can remember my Dad has always referred to champagne as "the drink of the god's". Now that I have explained those 2 points it seems obvious I would come up with the name FOOD OF ZEUS. I mean who wouldn't?!

To me the name sums up our product perfectly;

- it is food fit for the god of gods, i.e it is the best of the best

- the name isn't "safe", this is a true passion for us, we are thinking of different ways to produce, package and distribute FOOD OF ZEUS, we are not going to settle for what everyone else is doing because it's safe or easy, if it doesn't fit with our brand; and

- let's be honest you are likely to remember it more than some of my other ideas!

The fact I have summarised this journey into what looks like an overnight process, it wasn't! I spent months thinking of ideas, well actually I spent the first few thinking I wasn't qualified to think of one at all, then another few faffing, then finally knuckling down to the task.

If you are just starting out the tips I wish someone had said to me are;

  1. Use the huge wealth of materials that are available to you on the internet and in books.

  2. Don't discount any ideas as too crazy, they will probably be your best ones.

  3. Most successful companies didn't have a fancy marketing team supporting them when they started.

  4. Stop procrastinating you will learn and adapt along the way.

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