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This salad is packed with so many different minerals + vitamins it will leave you glowing inside + out.
Supergreen Noodle Salad

This salad is just packed with goodness, figs are great source of calcium + copper vital minerals for bones + energy. Orange is rich in vitamin C to give us that skin glow. Walnuts are high in antioxidants + rich in omega 3.

Serves 2



  • 1 Orange - Peel + cut into thin slices

  • 2 Figs - cut into quarters

  • 2 Chicory or Endive or a bitter leaf of choice - chopped

  • Rocket

  • Handful walnuts

  • 1 stick soft Goats Cheese

  • DRESSING: 1 tbsp white wine vinegar, 3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil, 1/2 lemon (juice)

Step 1: Toast

Place a dry frying pan over a medium heat, add your walnuts + allow them to toast. This will allow the walnuts to release all their gorgeous flavour. Watch them like a hawk as they will burn.

Step 2: Assemble

To a plate start with a layer of rocket, then add the chicory, scatter over the orange + any juice, the figs. Then crumble over the goats cheese + top with the crushed walnuts.

Step 3: Mix

In a jam jar add all the dressing ingredients, taste for seasoning. You can make up extra + keep in the fridge. Pour over the salad and give it all a good toss.

Step 4: Serve

This can be served immediately we have served here with a slice of homemade loaf.

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