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Updated: May 19, 2023

Soft creamy centres coated in a white chocolate shell. These are a super easy but decadent treat.
White Chocolate Cashew + Apricot Balls

Soaking the cashews ensures a beautiful tender centre, spiked with apricots and vanilla to create a deliciously flavourful filling.



  • 140g Cashew nuts

  • 75g Flaked Coconut

  • 60g Soft Dried Apricots

  • 1tsp Vanilla

  • 1tbsp Chia Seeds

  • 100g White Chocolate

Step 1: Soak

Soak the cashews until soft in a bowl of cold water. Quick method, soak in boiling water for c1hr.

Step 2: Blitz

Drain the cashews and then in a food processor blitz with all the other ingredients (except the white chocolate).

Step 3: Chill

Roll the mixture into balls and freeze until firm.

Step 4: Coat

Melt the white chocolate in the microwave 30 second blasts, 600w. Dip the balls into the white chocolate, to coat. Then place on baking parchment to set.

Step 5: Serve

Once the chocolate is set these can be transferred to an airtight container, but I can't see these lasting long!

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