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Whilst we generally promote a whole foods diet, sometimes there is a need to have a deeper cleanse or reset. A proper cleanse needs nutrients that support the body’s innate detoxification systems, as well as anti-microbials that encourage a “good” gut environment.


This is where soup and juices come in as they can deliver those nutrients quickly and easily, with minimal inflammation; the food avoids the process of digestion that involves whole foods, and is therefore gentler on the digestive system.

£110 for 3 days

If you are unsure about anything or would like any guidance or advice before booking, feel free to schedule a call with Katie from our team here


A nutritionally-balanced 3-day soup + juice cleanse designed by our team of chefs.

You'll receive all the soups and juices for the 3 days together on your chosen delivery date.

Delicious seasonal locally sourced dishes. All freshly prepared in our kitchen in Ripon. Beautifully presented with a menu which changes weekly.

Alongside your delivery you will also receive a booklet offering support + guidance on your plan, as well as advice on how to approach your diet after the 3 days.

With zero food waste, local produce + recycled packaging, help us change the world, one mindful meal at a time. 


12 cold pressed juices + tonics

6 soups

information booklet

all juices delivered in one delivery

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