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Our REVIVE plan follows the philosophy that puts seasonal, diverse and colourful food, at the forefront. These are the powerhouses for, reducing inflammation, balancing pH levels, boosting energy, losing weight, improving sleep patterns and beating the bloat.

£120 / £195 3 or 5 day plan

If you are unsure about anything or would like any guidance or advice before booking, feel free to schedule a call with Katie from our team here


This 3 or 5 day program is packed with foods that are anti- inflammatory, alkalising, support liver and blood detoxification. So you can feel lighter and brighter like the best version of yourself.

The programme takes care of all of the planning, prepping and cooking.  The dishes are all delivered fresh and ready to eat, making it easier for you to stick to and form lasting, healthy habits.


All our meals are prepared using a diverse range of the highest quality seasonal ingredients. The programme offers dishes that aim to provide you with meals that are; easier on the digestive system, reduce inflammation, support your gut health, aid in detoxification of the liver and blood and have a whopping 20+ different plant varieties a day.

Furthermore, the meals deliver the utmost taste, flavour and satisfaction to encourage joyfully reconnecting with good food and your body so that you flourish.

With zero food waste, local produce + recycled packaging, help us change the world, one mindful meal at a time. 


Wake Up Cider Shot

(Organic Apple cider vinegar mixed with Ceylon cinnamon, cayenne pepper, turmeric, ginger + sweetened with cherry juice; supporting purification, circulation + warmth)

Apple Cinnamon + Chia Pudding

(Slow cooked apples packed with fibre + prebiotics have been mixed with warming spices + omega 3 rich chia seeds.  Topped with protein packed Greek Yogurt rippled with honey finished with a sprinkle of our homemade granola)

Healing Beetroot + Lentil Soup with Life Changing Loaf

(This soup is packed with liver healing beets; full of antioxidants that aid the liver in purifying your body.  The lentils provide protein + the LC loaf is full of fibre + healthy fats)

Slow Cooked Beef + Apricot Tagine + Seasonal Greens

(Slow cooked so the beef is meltingly tender + retains all its nutrients served with a digestively warming spices of ginger + turmeric in a rich tomato sauce.  With alkaline rich greens.)

Liquorice Root Tea

(To aid digestion boost the immune system + help unwind)


3 or 5 breakfast, lunches + dinners

3 or 5 morning shots

3 or 5 liquorice teas

information booklet

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