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Updated: May 18, 2023

Creamy, fresh, full of flavour and ready quicker than you can order a takeaway!
Thai Green Fish Curry

Traditional ingredients in Thai green curry paste include, fresh green chilies, shallots, galangal, garlic, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, and Thai sweet basil. That is why it packs such a flavour punch.

Whilst on a cooking course in Thailand, the Thai teacher told me, that unless it is a really special occasion she will buy good shop bought Thai green curry paste, instead of making her own.

Well if this what a Thai teacher is recommending then I am going to follow her lead!



  • 4 White fish fillets (see Chef Notes)

  • 2 tbsp Thai Green Curry paste

  • Lemon grass stalk

  • 2 Lime leaves

  • 1 Can coconut milk

  • Fish Sauce to season

  • 1/2 Lime

  • Fresh Coriander leaves

To Serve: I would suggest green beans + rice.

Step 1: Fry

In a large frying pan or wok add the curry paste, the bruised lemon grass & scrunch in the lime leaves to that all the flavour can be released. Bring to a sizzle, keep stirring and when everything smells beautiful & fragrant add the coconut milk, stir to combine with the paste, then add the fine beans. & allow to cook for 1-2 mins..

Step 2: Simmer

Add the fish and reduce the heat to a gentle simmer, cook for 3-5 mins, until the fish is cooked through. Season with the fish sauce & a squeeze of the lime juice.

Step 3: Serve

Serve with a portion of rice and scatter over the coriander leaves.


Chef Notes:

Your local fish monger might have a "fish pie" selection + that will be the best value fish. Otherwise pollock is a good alternative to the pricer cod or haddock fillets.

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